Sinulog, The Mother of all Festivals – 10 Facts to Expect

Sinulog 2017sinulog-festival-12“One Beat One Dance One Vision” A thousand hearts and voices shouting faithfully in unison, a celebration that brings people together from all over the nation, the country’s loudest, grandest and most colorful celebration, The Mother of all Festivals, Sinulog, celebrated since 1980 is one of the most loved festival in the country it tells a connection of the nation’s embrace of Christianity, It additionally showcases the rich and creative culture of Cebu and each Filipino as it reminds us of significant events that happened in the past and together preserving it for the coming generations. Thousands of individuals unite in the city of Cebu to watch and partake in the yearly parade commending the Filipino individuals’ pagan origin, and their acceptance to Christianity.


10 Facts to Expect During Sinulog

1.“Viva Pit Senyor” 

The Sinulog expression “Viva Pit Senyor” derived from “Panangpit sa Senyor!”  means “Long live, call on to the Lord.” whose feast is observed during Sinulog.

2. Month Long Celebration 

The Sinulog festivity goes on for a month, with its fundamental Celebration on the Feast of Sto. Nino and the Sinulog street parade. On the Sinulog feast day, a Pontifical Mass is praised at the Basilica by the Cardinal helped by a few Cebu priests. Numerous Cebuanos would go to the Basilica to attend  the mass before taking off to the streets to watch the Parade.sinulog festivalsinulog-festival-14

3. Most attended Festival

The Sinulog Festival is viewed by watched and attended by millions. The quantity of individuals rushing to the Queen City of the South for Sinulog have come to over a million lately. So anticipate that the city will be pressed with tourists and guests on the streets that there’s no better approach to be involved and feel the way of life of the Queen city of the South than to join the Sinulog Festival.


4. Street Dance Parade, Floats, Tableau Presentation

Contingents will perform their street dancing routine all throughout the city main roads. Huge, colorful floats join the parade sometimes with celebrities on it. Contingents also have a much longer presentation at Cebu City Sports Center which features a ‘ritual’ segment, gigantic props and backdrops, and effects that aren’t shown in their street dancing don’t forget to take your Instagram worthy pictures whether it’s the street dancers or the celebrities.

5 Fluvial Parade and Solemn Procession 

Relive how the Cebuanos welcomed Christianity and Baby Jesus or in Spanish “Santo Nino”. The Cebuanos are the first people who embraced Christianity in the country. They celebrate this life-changing moment through dancing ending up with the century old Sinulog Festival. The Fluvial Procession of the Miraculous Image of the Sto. Nino takes place on Saturday, a day before the Sinulog Grand Parade. The Fluvial procession starts at 6 AM, while the Solemn Procession takes place at 2 PM with various programs such like the Re-enactment of the Baptism of Queen Juana and Rajah Humabon at the Basilica sinulog

6. Sinulog Paints and Style

Face paint and tattoo craftsmen can be seen in different parts of the city amid the Sinulog season. For a little expense, you can get a henna tattoo, a face paint, or a small tattoo to style up your Sinulog fashion.

7.Shop ‘Till You Drop

SUPER MEGA SALE! Yes, you heard it right! Larger part of shopping centers in Cebu will bait you to shop ’till you drop with marked down things, for example, sacks, garments and keepsake things. In the event that you missed the shopping frenzy of the Christmas season, then this is a decent extension for you to complete your shopping at a small amount of the cost!


8. Party the Filipino Way

.Before imagining going to Coachella and Tomorrowland, you ought to attempt Sinulog first! It’s the means by which pinoys party. Encounter the Sinulog vibe party with Respect, dignity, Moderation and responsibility the Filipino waysinulog

9. Food Trip

This is now guaranteed. You are well on the way to have known about cebuchon, Cebu’s one of a kind adaptation of Lechon. In any case, that is not all. You’ll experience the best in Cebu. Since it’s a Celebration, individuals set up a wide cluster of Cebu specials danggit, dried mangoes, Chorizo, Otap and Bibingka to name a few. You positively wouldn’t fret increasing some additional pounds.

10. More Fireworks

The Sinulog 2015 party will literally end with a bang with the Sinulog Fireworks display at the SRP grounds, SM City & Sea Side, Ayala and Crown Regency people flock to these sites after the parade so prepare to find your best spot.You wouldn’t regret it, I swear!sinulog-festival-8

Senyor Santo Niño

More than a hurricane of occasions and gatherings, the Sinulog celebration likewise serves as a period for whispered prayers of thanksgiving and petitions. All things considered, it was intended to respect Cebu’s Senior Santo Niño. To encounter the serious side of this celebration, make a point to partake in these religious occasions: Walk With Jesus: Opening Salvo , Fluvial Procession of Santo Niño , Solemn Procession , Holy Mass at Cebu City Sports and Sinulog Novena masses.sinulog

So what are your buts waiting for, regardless you have sufficient energy to pack your things up, book your flight, contact you companions. Hotels and accommodations?? BOOK HERE you can find the best rooms here without any hassle BOOK NOW!! sinulog-festival-11sinulog-festival-13


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