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“I assure you that through this blog,I will get you far than you imagined!”      Mr. Kabyahe Robi Randolph Jiz

Robi Jiz, a twenty aged kid who basically have a great time life, born in Tacloban City, Philippines A Fine Arts graduate at the University of San Carlos, Cebu. He’s musically inclined and similarly extraordinary in Arts.. Aside from that Robi has seen a rate of the country’s most brilliant and vivacious festivals perform and a portion of the Philippines’s chronicled spots.

Presently with his young age he wants to go far and wide catching the story behind the people’s culture, society and their country’s history. He wants to clarify how beauty and wonders were made through his passion and fondness of traveling and photography. Ka-byahe signifies “a travel sidekick” and depicts this site as a venture out friend to everybody who fondly loves traveling

Robi believes that life goes by in a flash, with that… you have to set a prime example, gain some exposure and be a person of depth, flare up your passions and burst out of the norm, capture raw emotions and never lose focus, be the cream of the crop and live a life that’s worth living for.

e-mail : kabyahe@gmail.com


70 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. hi robi! this is allan. im a travel photographer. i belong to a group of photographers called Travel Photographer Phils. We are just 7 in the group and we travel all over to shoot philippine festivals. Great work you have here! we are actually looking for new festivals to shoot. hope we could work with you someday. thanks

  2. okay… now I realised that I’m just a year older than you are.

    I’m also taking-up BSN but since our school has a ladderized curricula, I have to settle to midwifery first before I can go to BSN.

    I hope I can be your friend!!! Add me in your friendster account:


    I’m a poster-maker too like you. I hope I can share some of my drawings some times…

  3. Good job, Robi! You’re young and yet from this blog you’re making an impact to your online visitors. Keep it up! You’re not only making your parents proud but you’re also making our beautiful country proud as well! =)

  4. Robi, your work is outstanding–for *any* age! Beautiful. And you are a wonderful “travel agent” for the Philippines; something tells me I’ll have to visit the islands! Thank you for sharing with us all, and congratulations on your wise and brave attitude. You are already making something special in the world!

  5. OHMYGOSH ROBI! kasikat ba d.i nimu! daan ku pa lagi! hehe
    nice blog! keep it up! sos, naa man d.i kay dghan hidden talents in life. ipakita nah na before mu.end ang world. LOL jk!
    cge rob, kthanksbye! 😀

  6. Nice! You updated the template of your blog. It looks to cute! It suits your blog so much. I failed to visit your blog for months already. It feels good to be back and browse around. Continue sharing your talent!

  7. Hi Robi,

    This is an outstanding blog! You have showcased our country so well with your photographs. Please try joining Authentic Blogger, its a group on Facebook (please just do a search for it). We could use more Filipino bloggers in there to promote our country. And I can see from your blog that you are true to your spirit and creativity.

    Keep up the excellent work and wishing you all the best in your studies.

    Best regards,

  8. I may have been the lucky one. great blog….. can I be a little bit jealous? lol…. i want to go travelling again!….. loving the photography work!! Travel the world and explore for time does flies! Best of luck and I am looking forward to following your adventure!!


    “To live will be an awfully big adventure.”
    ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

  9. Hi Robi,
    You are doing great in promoting the country. You seem like the right guy for the right job. I like very much your work.

  10. Very impressive blog. I hope that your photos would be in demand from a Photo Agency or similar. You have a great eye and obviously love your country. Thank you for letting me see part of the world that I have never seen before…..

  11. We share the same dream, and I am set to travel the world. My problem is I don’t have a DSLR. Sucks. I’m from Biliran, Leyte by the way. Keep blogging, you’re awesome.

  12. You are doing an excellent job, blogging and promoting the Philippines and hey, your photos are awesome. Keep it up and inspire the young and the old to be the “cream of the crop” because everyone can..just like you!!

  13. Hi!
    I’ve been living in China for almost a year now, and one if the places I would love to visit is the Philippines. I’ve heard so many wonderful things… and now you’ve proved them thanks to your lovely pictures 🙂
    Nice blogs and beautiful pictures.

  14. I must say that I find the illustrative aspect of your content to be very appealing, as I’m an aspiring comic book illustrator. Maybe your work can give me some inspiration as you continue your travels 🙂

  15. Hi Robi! I ended up in your blog because you liked one of my articles and believe me I am glad I did. I am part philipino and so proud of it! And this has very quickly become one of the most beautiful blogs I have seen and now follow. Just amazing.

  16. your photos are breathtaking and have opened my eyes to another part of the world – thank you! I look forward to following you and seeing more through your eyes! Ciao!

  17. Hi there Robi, you are young and living your life, thank you so much for the follow! I can’t help but follow yours too. Learned that you are from Tacloban, you have an AMAZING town. I was there last weekend for a wedding and a short vacay. Had a blast and I was truly happy… Keep sharing those wonderful photos! 🙂

  18. Hey Robi!

    I admire you for choosing early on to travel. It took me years!

    One of the things I put on my “I’m gonna do” list is to attend the major festivals in the Philippines. And, looks like you’ve done this already!

    I hope to read more of your works!


  19. Hi Robi, you’ve captured the islands with beautiful perspectives … being young and passionate, i am sure you will bless us more with your creativity, inspiration and life … be safe in your travels, and mabuhay and puso mong PINOY 🙂 — April

  20. You’ve got a special eye on angles. I bet you know what means.

    I admire the sense of adventurous spirit in you and to the things that guide you. Those are a mouthful especially for aspiring travelers.

    Keep sharing your stories.

  21. Oi! Hello fellow Carolinian!
    Thanks for dropping by my post. Nice blog by the way! I rarely get to see other active Pinoys around here. Then again, I’m not really adept at making my way around wordpress haha. Keep up the good blogging!

  22. I was just surprised that you are also from University of San Carlos. Are you still there? What department are you in? Because I’m also from there.

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