Sinulog Festival 2014

Sinulog Festival I love Philippine Festivals, there’s no doubt about it. I have seen the country’s most colorful and lively festival , the Sinulog celebrated since 1980 is one of my favorite it represents the link of the country’s embrace of Christian faith, It also showcases the traditions and culture of Cebu and every Filipino as it reminds us of significant events that happened in the past and helps us to treasure and remember them.

SinulogThe good thing I like about Sinulog is that it is that one time of the year when every ethnicity and culture that makes up Cebu and other neighboring provinces are given an opportunity to showcase their traditions , cultural heritage in their own interpretation through their heroes, food, dress, way of living, and traditional music and dancing.

Sinulog 2014

On the third weekend of January each year, hundreds of thousands of people converge on the streets of Cebu to watch and participate in the annual parade celebrating the Filipino people’s pagan origin, and their acceptance of Christianity .  The parade officially starts at 8:30, it is important to take a place early before the rest of the crowd make their way.


Sinulog queenEach and every contingent rose to the challenge. Festival tribes delivered excellent and convincing presentations. Tribu Lumad Basakanon of San Nicolas, Basak Emerged as Champion for the free-interpretation category and street dancing competition while Culturang Placereno Dance Troupe of Placer, Masbate wins Sinulog based category and Crowned as the Sinulog Festival Queen 2014 besting 10 other contestants is the Lead Dancer Christine Jael Abellanosa from Tribu Tinubdan sa Kauswagan of Tuburan Cebu


Sinulog Festival



image13Sinulog gives us beautiful memories it reminds us of all the great people, our religion, the victories, the loses and basically our history it help us to honor the past and teach us lessons too. So festivals are to be celebrated with peace, happiness and joy. It only proves that Filipino culture is still celebrated and that the Filipino people unite together as one nation.


11 thoughts on “Sinulog Festival 2014

  1. What a lovely post and gorgeous photography. I learned a lot in this post. There’s something comforting about connecting with our heritage and celebrating those who came before us. Very nice message in your post.

  2. Once again I look at your photos and ask myself, Is it really possible that everyone in the country is so beautiful??? 🙂 I love the wonderfully artistic and dramatic costumes and staging and such in the festivals you share with us through your photos, too!

  3. Your pictures captured so much colour and energy – amazing! Philippines is on my list. Reading your article and seeing the festival pictures has just bumped it up the list! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Hey, I love your article. I love your blog. It really promotes Philippine tourism. Great job. By the way, another highlight during the Sinulog Festival is the nightlife. 🙂

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