One Beat, One Dance, One Vision. Sinulog Festival 2016

Sinulog FestivalSinulogKnown as the mother of all festivals in the Philippines, the Sinulog , celebrated subsequent to 1980 is one of the most loved festival in the country it tells a connection of the nation’s embrace of Christianity, It additionally showcases the rich and creative culture of Cebu and each Filipino as it reminds us of significant events that happened in the past and together preserving it for the coming generations. Thousands of individuals unite in the city of Cebu to watch and partake in the yearly parade commending the Filipino individuals’ pagan origin, and their acceptance to Christianity. SinulogSinulogSinulog is not just a Cebuano celebration but every Filipino community too, infact neighboring provinces from Visayas and Mindanao join this fruitful celebration.  Sinulog is that it is that one time  of the year when each ethnicity and society that makes up Cebu and other neighboring provinces tell their communities legacy with different interpretations through  music and dancing.SinulogSinulog FestivalEach and every contingent rose to the challenge. Festival tribes conveyed amazing and persuading presentations. Lanao Del Norte Emerged as Champion for the free-interpreations category Lanao del Norte joined the Sinulog Grand Parade since 2009 but it has yet to win in the free-interpretation category. However, this has not discomposed the group still they keep on joing every year, this year they performed their triumphant piece ‘Sagayan’, a Maranao war dance performed to avoid abhorrent spirits. A modernized form of the Darangen, a Maranao epic story, delineating two warring groups that were in the end accommodated and united by Bai-A-Labi who succeeded in bringing enduring peace. SinulogSinulogSinulogSinulogSinulogSinulogSinulog FestivalCulturang Placereno Dance Troupe of Placer, Masbate wins Sinulog based category winning their third straight grand prize Kulturang Placereno emerged for their unexpected production, the imaginativeness, innovativeness and level of execution was superb. The choreography began with an emotional approach and a theatrical feel, they performed a “peryahan” carnival theme a story of a mother losing her sight too his child and later, saw a kid, wearing red depicting the Sto. Niño, who demonstrated her where her child was and they were united together. It went all well and the utilization of twinkling LED lights was an advancement to their props this year, it were set in the right places and viably and effectivly satisfying to the eyesSinulogSinulogSinulogSinulog gives us delightful recollections it helps us to remember all the immense individuals, our religion, the triumphs, the loses and essentially our history it help us to respect the past and show us lessons as well. So celebrations are to be praised with peace, bliss and euphoria. It just demonstrates that Filipino society is still celebrated and that the Filipino individuals unite together as one country.Sinulog


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