Aliwan Fiesta : Festival of Festivals 2014

Aliwan 2014

In over of 7107 islands of the Philippines I could never let you know what number of Festivals or Fiestas in the country is continuously commended every year. Each township, city, municipality, including regions have their own Festival that frequently serves to meet and satisfy particular purposes, either a profound or religious Festival, food, history, mode of living, thanksgiving for an ample harvest, or to pay tribute to their champions and place. Here in the Philippines a gathering or party is known as Fiesta,  a fabulous festival that is especially noteworthy to nearby communities where everybody is welcomed and invited.

Aliwan 2014

There are just two festival celebrations that frequently pops in my mind when addressed “what celebration do I like most in the Philippines.?” my reaction is dependably Sinulog and Aliwan, both merriments are my most loved and will never be rejected in my trip plans. Sinulog Festival is one of the most astounding celebration in the nation. But how about we give Aliwan festival a superior impression of why it is standard or somehow much the same to Sinulogs humble vainglory.?

Philippine Festivals


Aliwan celebration is a yearly occasion that assembles distinctive social and folkloric celebrations of the Philippines. Each of the nation’s 17 regions can send up to three of their best Festivals, everyone is given an open door to showcase their area’s history, society and beliefs. Aliwan Fiesta, celebrated since 2003 dependably accompanies an amaze, each celebration met people’s high expectations of diverting nearby and foreign vacationers.

Philipine Festivals

Basically Aliwan Fiesta is one of the most remarkable celebration in the nation held in Pasay City, Manila, it is some way or another acknowledged the front line of Festival champions from distinctive districts of the nation with diverse dreams . Festivals contend and perform in a one tremendous day and one center stage on who will rise triumphant as the “Best Festival” in the nation. More

Lulugayan Falls

lulugayan falls robijiz

In the shadow of Eastern Visayas, the town of Calbiga offers the most majestic and panoramic falls I’ve seen so far. Amused by the beauty and superfluity of nature I almost blanked out where I actually was, until I’ve heard the thunderous roar of this massive falls, my soul suddenly ceases to smile and from the spot where I was standing stupefied there’s only silence and nature between me and the thundering mass of water across the valley.

little niagara of the philippines

Hundreds of waterfalls cascade down the 14-kilometer rapids from the source at Lake Kalidongan to the Calbiga River With Approximately fifty meters wide,  Lulugayan Falls has been dubbed by travelers as a Mini Niagara of the Philippines. Getting there is fun, a 740 meter trail awaits you to hike for approximately twenty to thirty minutes well before you see the waterfalls.

Robi jiz

As I enter thoroughly In the forest, I have seen colorful butterflies fluttering by, trees that reach a hundred feet into the air, with vines through the earth and birds flocking from trees to trees accompanied by a variety of bird calls echoing overhead, As I continued the trail I stumbled upon a butterfly tiled path, the native told me that it will guide you to the falls so you’ll never get lost.

image08Lulugayan falls

Lulugayan falls

As I draw nearer and feel the mist spray around me, I felt like the waterfalls were calling me for a plunge it was my first time to see such kind of waterfalls and the thing I like most is that it differs from the rest, it is the best falls I have seen thus far.

lulugayan falls robi jiz

Lulugayan falls

The the sheer volume of water cascading over the rocks and the picturesque view of the falls that turns even more beautiful in the filtered light of late afternoon leaves me speechless and “temporarily deaf!”.

Lulugayan falls

As I drag my eyes away from this display of power and beauty I suddenly pondered that Philippines is gifted with an explosion of nature in its rare and untouched form. Lulugayan Falls indeed offers a delightfully revitalizing experience!

Sinulog Festival 2014

Sinulog FestivalI love Philippine Festivals, there’s no doubt about it. I have seen the country’s most colorful and lively festival , the Sinulog celebrated since 1980 is one of my favorite it represents the link of the country’s embrace of Christian faith, It also showcases the traditions and culture of Cebu and every Filipino as it reminds us of significant events that happened in the past and helps us to treasure and remember them.

SinulogThe good thing I like about Sinulog is that it is that one time of the year when every ethnicity and culture that makes up Cebu and other neighboring provinces are given an opportunity to showcase their traditions , cultural heritage in their own interpretation through their heroes, food, dress, way of living, and traditional music and dancing.

Sinulog 2014

On the third weekend of January each year, hundreds of thousands of people converge on the streets of Cebu to watch and participate in the annual parade celebrating the Filipino people’s pagan origin, and their acceptance of Christianity .  The parade officially starts at 8:30, it is important to take a place early before the rest of the crowd make their way.


Sinulog queenEach and every contingent rose to the challenge. Festival tribes delivered excellent and convincing presentations. Tribu Lumad Basakanon of San Nicolas, Basak Emerged as Champion for the free-interpretation category and street dancing competition while Culturang Placereno Dance Troupe of Placer, Masbate wins Sinulog based category and Crowned as the Sinulog Festival Queen 2014 besting 10 other contestants is the Lead Dancer Christine Jael Abellanosa from Tribu Tinubdan sa Kauswagan of Tuburan Cebu


Sinulog Festival



image13Sinulog gives us beautiful memories it reminds us of all the great people, our religion, the victories, the loses and basically our history it help us to honor the past and teach us lessons too. So festivals are to be celebrated with peace, happiness and joy. It only proves that Filipino culture is still celebrated and that the Filipino people unite together as one nation.

Putting 2013 to its Slumber : The Year-end Post

Before putting 2013 to its slumber, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all of my readers, a number of you have continued to visit my blog from time to time. Thank-you. I still have a lot of articles from 2013 in line to be posted soon most of it are places from Samar, Leyte, Cebu, Baguio and Manila, some are stories of the super-typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that devastated my hometown Tacloban City.


I can’t believe a year went by so fast.  Sometimes it is so long that one forgets a lot more than one remembers. My life and experiences in 2013 was quite mixed , but overall i am grateful for the opportunities and lessons i gained

let me give you a recap at some interesting highlights of my 2013

My top favorite Photos of 2013

image01#1 Pintados kasadyaan 2013

image05 #2 Camotes Island

lulugayan falls#3 Lulugayan Falls, Paranas, Samar


kalanggaman#5 Kalanggaman Island, Palompon

image08#6 Kalanggaman Island, Palompon

The Super-typhoon Haiyan, A disaster i would never forget in my entire life — it devastated my province Leyte and my hometown Tacloban City,  there is also so much chaos, hunger and thirst on top of that– days before the typhoon hit Tacloban. The whole province probably isn’t far from what you’d see in apocalyptic movies and literature. A month after, everything went well — people from all-over the world help,  Thank-you.  as the friendly People of Leyte would say, LEYTE! YOU SHALL RETURN.



Finally it is always important to remember the people who have made you more than what your are now.  – Yiftach Vaknin of Torismo Filipino (Travel Agency) who helped me gain more exposure, Thanks a lot… AsiaPix for recommending my Blog to other companies,  Action Asia Magazine for  featuring my photos, Odessey Maps for choosing my festival photo as the cover page a for the illustrated map of the Philippines, My Readers and followers, My talented friends and my ever supportive Mom and Dad, who are always dear to me Thank you. ^_^


The Illustrated map Featuring the islands and people of the Philippines (Front Page)



 Folded information guide to the Philippines – an illustrated ‘map sheet’ for the visitor to aid planning and be carried whilst travelling – showing and describing the main attractions, and charting the culture. On one side of this large sheet there are short essays describing and charting the culture of the people and the country.

this is still available in Ebay and Amazon


market market

One of my festival photos was featured in a mini magazine of Market! Market! Ayala Malls Taguig, Manila


Action Asia

Action Asia Magazine Featured some my of photos. Action Asia Magazine is covering adventure travel, action sports, and trip planning throughout Asia. Try visiting their website :

action asia



Driveway billboard of Waterfront Hotel Cebu.


robi randolph jiz

I am so excited for 2014! I wonder what will it bring this time? I’ll continue to help my country through blogging and inspire people, I’ll work extra harder for 2014, and share  it again with you. Thank-you,

I wish you guys all the best .


Life goes by in a flash,  you have to set a prime example, gain some exposure and be a person of depth, flare up your passions and burst out of the norm, capture raw emotions and never lose focus, be the cream of the crop because everyone can, and live a life that’s worth living for. 

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

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