Contingents for the upcoming Aliwan Fiesta 2009

Contingents for the upcoming Aliwan Fiesta 2009

1. Lakbayaw of Tondo, Manila
2. Pakalog Festival of Santolan, Pasig
3. Panagbenga Festival, Baguio City
4. Pamulenawen – Laoag City
5. Ibon Ebon of Candaba, Pampanga
6. Disposorio Festival of Hagonoy, Bulacan
7. Luyang Dilaw of Marilao Bulacan
8. Boling boling Festival – Catanuan, Quezon
9. Fiesta de Toros of Nasugbu, Batangas
10. Lapay Bantigue Festival of Masbate city
11. Pulang Angui of Polangue Albay
12. Sinulog Festival of Cebu City
13. Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo City
14. Kasag Festival of Banate, Iloilo
15. Karatong Festival of Dulag, Leyte
16. Buyugan Festival of Abuyog Leyte
17. Kadayawan Festival – Davao city
18. Tuna Festival of General Santos City
19. Halad Festival of Midsayap, Cotabato
20. Kalilangan Festival of General Santos City
21. Buklod Festival – Parang, Shariff Kabunsuan
22. Kalilintad Festival of Mamasapano

who among them is your bet….


1. Concept or theme for the floats must depict Filipino culture, values and tradition.

2. Each contingent will be provided with an Elf truck (please see attached illustration with dimensions) and P 30,0000.00 cash for materials.  The P 30,000.00 for the floats will be remitted to the contingent prior to the event.  The organizing committee must be informed upon registration where the amount will be remitted indicating the specific bank branch, the account holder’s name and the bank account number.

3. Elf trucks will be made available at the designated float construction area beginning 8:00 AM, April 20, 2009.  The contingents may begin constructing their floats at this time.

4. The maximum height is 14 feet; maximum width is 4.5 meters.  For every foot in excess of the maximum specifications, a penalty of one (1) point shall be deducted from the total score of each judge.

5. Criteria for Judging:

Craftsmanship   50% Theme   25% Over-all Impact and Ingenuity  25% Total:   100%

6. Winners of the Float Competition will receive the following cash prizes:

1st Prize          P 500,000.00

2nd Prize           250,000.00

3rd Prize            100,000.007 Runners-up      25,000.00 each

7. Participation to the Float Competition will be based upon receipt of complete registration form by the Aliwan Secretariat c/o Ms. Eloi P. Baltazar, along with the description of the float design..  Registration can be sent through fax at (2) 832-6120.

8. Upon registration, each contingent should indicate the name of person(s) authorized to receive:   a) Float Subsidy;   b) Prize  Each contingent should also indicate the name and Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the payee in case the delegation wins.   Failure to send the description of the float entry deems the registration incomplete.  9.  The decision of the judges shall be final and unappealable.

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sinulog 2009 cebu winners

The Cebu Sports Center – ( grand performance venue ) yesterday jan 28  was totally rocking. many first timers join’d the anual sinulog festival specially ,two out of three contingents from leyte placed….


The karatong festival of dulag leyte landed 5th placer in the Free interpretation category”… karatong basically means bambo…” karatong festival was the 1st runner-up of buyogan in the leyte pintados festival which is held yearly every june..


The Lanao del Norte contingent 4th placer next to karatong festival……. was one of my un-expected contingent to grab the the 4th place….

The supporters from Lanao del Norte states that ” After all the years of hard work, winning in the SINULOG even for 4TH place is a blessing for all of us who are part of the TRIBU TIBONBOLI of ROOSEVELT, ILIGAN CITY “….




the municipality of carmen was the 1st runner up last 2008 sinulog festival… but now… they landed 3rd in the free interpretation category… i appreciet thier performance ….. specially they change’d thier dance routine and costumes…….. thay also placed , 3rd in the aliwan festival…..


The ALIWAN grand slamer ,  2nd placer of sangyaw festival and two time ((in a row))free interpretation champion lumad basakanon, un-fortunately didn’t make it this year’s sinulog festival(2009)


with thier new concept/theme “corn” (last year banana)….. they performed it yesterday extreamly GOOD…….. they also have a similar costume last year….. and atlast they changed thier dance routine.


The MYSTICAl bee’s of the mythical fairy opayda….. had landed into fame in cebu,,, to compete for the sinulog festival 2009…… where they grab’d the grand champion bringing HOME to thier “bee-hives” a half a million pesos.


The tribu Buyogan was one of the runner-ups in the aliwan festival ( 6th ) and two time grand champion in pintados festival…….with its runner-up’s karatong of dulag (2nd) and alikaraw of hilongos (3rd).. thier performance in the sinulog festival makes the audience scream and shout… their dance routine was quit similar to thier past performance………. they had a great speed great formation and musicality aswell as the effective way of using their props. All of thier dancers danced like as if they were all playing……. staying firm, reciliant and stounch, rissing form abuyog leyte,,,,un-affriad,,,, strong with its own faith….. YES!!! Buyogan festival WINsss!!!!

sinulog 2009 winners

This are the winners of sinulog 2009 ..
first place winners (both SB and FI) will receive P500,000 each; second placers, P400,000; third, P300,000; fourth, P200,000 and fifth, P100,000. Choreographers of winning contingents get P30,000 (first); P20,000 (second); P15,000 (third); P10,000, fourth; and P5,000 (fifth). The best in street dancing gets P500,000 (first); P300,000 (second) and P100,000 (third)
sinulog 2009 winners
1st Place Tribu Buyugan
2nd Lumad Basakanon
3rd Municipality of Carmen
4th Lanao del Norte
5. Karatong Dulag Leyte

Sinulog Base Category:
1st Place Sinanduloy
2nd Don Sergio Osmeña
3rd Silaw, Carcar
4th Alcoy
5th Sta Catalina
Street Dancing: Champion: Tangub City, Misamis Occidental’s Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe

congratulations to the winners..

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