The Millionaire’s Row of Iloilo

Lizares MansionWe all know that Iloilo was one of the wealthiest urban communities in the nation during the Spanish time it was the frontier capital of Spain and moreover their last abroad territory after the Americans helped for our independence. Amid the Spanish period, the sugar cane industry was at its peak and was the primary wellspring of their economic boom, they were even named as the Queen city of the south after Cebu takes over due to its decline of economy. Like what happened in the city of Bacolod the sugar cane industry declined amid and after the war and exporters need to leave their sugar cane business.

Lizares Mansion
Lizares Mansion IloiloKnown to have the first millionaire’s row in the country, The district of Jaro boasts of numerous grand Hispanic mansions and old ancestral houses which stood the test of time and stands in the testimony of how rich Iloilo was. One of which is the well preserved Lizares Mansion reflecting the rich Spanish architectural style, built in 1937 by Don Emiliano Lizares to his wife. Amid the Japanese occupation it was utilized as a garrison and after sold to the Dominicans that is currently being utilized by Angelicum.

Nelly’s Garden (Lopez Family)
Nelly Gardens

This excellent Mansion was home to the Lopez family, one of the nation’s wealthiest families. It was named after Nelly, the eldest girl of Don Vicente Lopez and Doña Elena Hofileña. Not at all like numerous mansions that appears to be haunted and creepy, Nelly’s Garden is bright and welcoming.

Jaoquin Ledesma HouseJoaquin Ledesma House

Sanson y Montinola HouseSanson y Montinola House


Consing MansionConsing Mansion

Built in the1920s the mansion was disregarded for quite a while and was ready for demolition as a result of its extremely poor state. A private designer saved and renovated the Masion and transformed it into a legacy exhibition hall it showcases cultural items and expressions made by Ilonggos.

Consing Mansion

Consing Mansion

Molo ChurchMolo Church

Jaro CathedralJaro Cathedral

Iloilo MuseumIloilo Museum

Dinagyang Festival  (More About Dinagyang Festival)Dinagyang

Dinagyang Festival is that one time of the year that is mostly anticipated, the grandest, biggest and significant celebration of western Visayas every third week of January. Dinagyang originates from “dagyang” which signifies upbeat or happy in Ilongo. This is the reason the celebration is about cheerful making, like Cebu’s Sinulog, Ilo-ilo’s Dinagyang Festival has likewise brought a considerable measure of innovation in the nation and these innovations has influenced the way different festivals is run.

Original La Paz BachoyLa Paz Bachoy
Wawa Heritage RestaurantWawa Heritage Restaurant Wawa Heritage Restaurant

Iloilo’s biscochoBiscocho Iloilo

When to visit ?? Ideally on Summer

Where??  Ilo-ilo City, Province of Ilo-ilo, Panay Island

A plane would take you less time as it would just take an hour from Cebu to Ilo-ilo and same as from Manila so i suggest book your flights early as to your comfort.

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