Sunkissed in Higatangan Island

Higatangan Island is a piece of Naval that is situated in the north west tip of Leyte. The name Higatangan is gotten from the word “atangan” meaning a waiting area. Old people say that the spot was the place pirate traps victimizing drawing ships with loaded products and goods. It was also belived to be
the spot where the Moros lay in wait for their invasion of different towns of Leyte and samarHigatangan Island
Higatangan IslandHigatangan IslandThe island has a few white shorelines and favored with intriguing rock formations. From the town of Mabini, which was named in memory of Apolinario Mabini, there is a 200-meter white sand bar that extends like a tongue. The current encompassing the sand bar is strong, some individuals lost their lives, some say that this as “alay-buhay” to appease the divine beings. The unnaturally wonderful rock formation along the south drift were said to be home to “diwatas” otherworldly creatures. There were cases that the a sudden huge wave or a spout of wind raise when travelers were being loud. But don’t pull yourself back because these are just old stories and myths of the past and sometimes it rings with truth and some lessons to give mother nature respect its tranquility and beauty.Higatangan IslandHigatangan IslandHigatangan Island is a basically a fishing town, favored with coconut trees and plenitude of fish. For a long time this island is only a beautiful spot along the way riding a less then an hour trip from Naval. recent years have conveyed various voyagers to this spot, with its white shorelines, completely clear waters, moving sand bar, rock formations, beacon and the coconut trees that keep the spot cool and windy; it is quickly becoming the main destination of naval alternative to the expensive trip to Sambawan Island of Maripipi.Higatangan IslandHigatangan IslandHigatangan Island

When to Visit?? Summer April – June

Where?? Higatangan Island, Naval. Biliran

Getting there??  Via Tacloban Major Carriers serve direct Manila-Tacloban flight at least thrice a day. Travel time is 65 minutes. Cebu bound tourists can take the Cebu-Tacloban flight. From Tacloban City, shuttle vans and buses are available in going to Naval, capital of Biliran Province. Travel time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Via Cebu Nearest international airport.  From Cebu city fast crafts are available to Ormoc City. Travel time is 3 hours. From there you can take shuttle vans directly to Naval. Travel time 1.5 hour.

Travel Fare?? is Php 50 per passenger and discounted fare is Php 45 per passenger to the students/ senior citizens.*

Hotels and accommodations?? BOOK HERE you can find the best rooms here without any hassle BOOK NOW!! .Higatangan Island


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