Dinagyang Festival kicks off in Iloilo City, HalaBira!

Dinagyang 01Fiestas are the best time to travel and wander around Towns and Cities in the Philippines as they give you with the ideal chance to truly experience and understand the Filipino culture up close. Dinagyang Festival is that one time of the year that is mostly anticipated, the grandest, biggest and significant celebration of western Visayas every third week of January. Dinagyang originates from “dagyang” which signifies upbeat or happy in Ilongo. This is the reason the celebration is about cheerful making, like Cebu’s Sinulog, Ilo-ilo’s Dinagyang Festival has likewise brought a considerable measure of innovation in the nation and these innovations has influenced the way different festivals is run. Dinagyang 08Kasadyahan 01The Ati Tribe street dancing comprises of various “warriors” who usually hold a shield in one hand and a spear in another in a tribe locally called “tribu” dancing in a choreographed movement to the indigenous sound of uproarious rhythms and extemporized percussion instruments.
DinagyangDinagyang 18Beside the main part of the celebration which is the Ati Tribe street dancing The Kasadyahan Cultural Festiaval additionally demonstrates an alternate side of the Dinagyang rather it showcases each people pagan beliefs and origins, and their warm heartfelt embrace to Christianity and the rich cultural legacy of the province of iloiloDinagyangDinagyang 05Amid this time, the roads of Ilo-ilo come to life with the hint of “Hala-bira” chanting music, and the BBQ smell wafting from the endless night stalls set-up in different neighborhoods throughout the City of Ilo-ilo. Just like any other celebration in the Philippines, Iloilo’s Dinagyang Festival offers heaps of energizing exercises that travelers can appreciate. This could be a standout amongst the most bright festivals you’ll ever see, so ensure you include Ilo-ilo in your rundown of bucket lists.
Kasadyahan 04Dinagyang 10Dinagyang 13Dinagyang 14Kasadyahan 02Dinagyang 19DinagyangKasadyahan 06Dinagyang 06Dinagyang 17Dinagyang 04Dinagyang 02Kasadyahan 03Dinagyang 11Dinagyang 03

When?? Annually every third week of January.

Where??  Ilo-ilo City Negros Occidental.

A plane would take you less time as it would just take an hour from Cebu to Ilo-ilo and same as from Manila so i suggest book your flights early as to your comfort.

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Dinagyang 15


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