Experince the Vibrance of Bacolods Masskara Festival

Maskara FestivalExperience the Vibrance with the City of smiles Masskara Festival, a celebration of fun, happiness and laughter, this festival never failed to impress me, indeed it is the most happiest festival i have ever seen with the pounding drums and celebration tunes all around the city that you’d need to battle the desire to dance, it is also an incredible experience to encounter local culture and its traditions, meet local people at one of their happiest and most extravagant street performance.Maskara FestivalMasskara Festival also symbolizes what the general population of the City of Smiles do best “putting on a cheerful face when stood up to difficulties no matter what circumstances are”  Every third week of October the celebration highlights a street dance competition where individuals go to the streets to see brilliantly masked dancers moving with smiles to the rhythm of filipino-Latin musical beats in a display of exhilaration, coordinated, and dance choreography so don’t worry if your feet offers you to dance with the beat just put on a big smile and you’re good to go.Maskara FestivalMaskara FestivalMaskara FestivalMaskara FestivalMaskara FestivalMaskara FestivalMaskara FestivalMaskara FestivalMaskara FestivalWhen?? Annually every third week of October.

Where?? Bacolod, Negros Occidental.

Getting there?? If your planning  for a land trip from Cebu i suggest the route Cebu-Toledo-San carlos-Don salvador – Bacolod (North Bus Terminal) for your time travel will be much lesser than any other land trip routes it is about 7-8 hours away from Bacolod city by means of Bus(P400) and Barge(P220) so better prepare P800-1000 for a one way trip.

A plane would take you less time as it would just take an hour from Cebu to Bacolod aand same as from Manila so i suggest book your flights early unless you want a long way going there by bus which might be a hassle if you have sea sickness.

Hotels and accommodations?? BOOK HERE you can find the best rooms here without any hassle BOOK NOW!! .Maskara Festival


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