Remnants of Typhoon Yolanda

Nov 7, 2013. Sunny morning:  Not even a raging wind or rain was felt, the clouds were not gloomy compared to a normal typhoon we usually experience. It was a normal day like we always do. but not until dawn when the super typhoon was at its strongest. 1120Nov 8, 2013. The darkest day: The winds were starting to howl and it was not getting any weaker, roofs were flying, walls crashing , windows breaking, it’s more than what you’ve imagined not what you can usually expect, and than the storm surge came, the flood that came from the sea was insane and in just a minute it reached up till the 2nd floor of the house. Many were trapped from their houses and hotel rooms, many suffered and died, no one else is exempted. 1156Evacuation centers was not even spared from the devastation there were no food to eat nor water to drink everything was a disaster the typhoon killed six thousand innocent people and left some survivors with nothing else but themselves.  The whole province probably isn’t far from what you’d see in apocalyptic movies and literature it was out of the normal it was unexpected. No one was spared from the devastation, rich or poor everyone was a victim of the super typhoons fury.Super Typhoon Yolanda0933092910631066107510771097116311651186118211931198

104010501052Super Typhoon YolandaSuper Typhoon Yolanda

“Babangon Tayo” Sprayed painted on the ship wreck “We Will Rise/We Must Carry On”.

113711011135People around the world came and helped to get back on our feet and do what is normal, to what we are used to be doing. We may be devastated  but it wont take long because the Filipino spirit is stronger than any typhoon1181


2 thoughts on “Remnants of Typhoon Yolanda

  1. It’s just amazing (sad) what nature can do – your photos capture the effects of the disaster so that I can see just how torn up the city is..I do love your comment about the typhoon not taking away your communities’ spirit..lovely – lovely people are the filipinos.

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