Osmeña Peak, Cebu

osmenia peak cebu treesOsmeña Peak is precisely situated in Patung, Badian in the territory of Cebu named in honor of the famous Osmeña clan of the province… One popular and the most easiest trail for hiking is in Mantalongon Market, Dalaguete and the rest is from Badian (canyoneering) that ends in Kawasan Falls and Liong.

osmenia peakosmenia peak

secured with exceptional nature, the mountain is also a home to different animals, trees and flowers, its height also gives a cool climate that allows the wealth of vegetables thus it is called the Vegetable Basket of Cebu in light of the fact that it is one of the significant vegetable supplier to different towns of the province.

osmenia peakosmenia peak

At  about 1,000 meters above sea level it is considered as the highest peak of Cebu. It also shows an extraordinary perspective of a rocky rough hills that somehow can be compared with Bohol’s Chocolate hills with a twist.

osmenia peak Being Cebu’s most noteworthy top, Osmeña Peak is at standard with the mists. Unless you are fortunate, anticipate that the mists will cover vista specially during the rainy season, so if you want to a have a clearer view area summer would be the best season to visit the peak.

osmenia peakosmenia peak

Getting there? From Cebu City it is 3-4 hours away to Dalaguete by means of Bus (P170), and a half-hour motorcycle ride (habal-habal) (200) from the center of Dalaguete to mantalongon. Be that as it may, Before settling your arrangement or schedule to Osmenia Peak, call first or visit Dalaguete’s tourism Office (2nd Floor, R. Osorio Bldg.) (032) 484-8354 (look for Mr. Victor Caruz) so you could inquire as to whether you can request a trekking guide and inquire for other nearby activities at the area so you could completely appreciate your hiking experience. You can also visit their website http://dalaguete.gov.ph/tourism-office for more information.


4 thoughts on “Osmeña Peak, Cebu

  1. Thanks for the informative post and gorgeous photos! Even though you said it is an easy trail, I’m surprised that people walk up and down in Crocs. 🙂

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