Kalanggaman Island

This is Palompons Paradise. Kalanggaman is viewed as the most beautiful beach the region of Leyte has to offer. The postcard-perfect virgin island with its clear waters rich in dark blue shading, a white sand that smolders your feet as you hear the sound of the waves smashing and the cool salty ocean breeze brush by is positively a virtual place that is similar to heaven a paradise where you can be filthy rich in nature.kalanggaman islandWhat makes this island special from others is its long sandbars that are extending on both sides of the island which frames like a “Langgam” or Bird when turned upside down.kalanggaman island

image04Getting there is a piece of cake, From Tacloban City the capital of Leyte is 3 hours away to Palompon by means of van (P160), and an hour pumpboat ride (P3,000 – for 15 people and below) from the town of Palompon to the Island. Be that as it may, Before settling your arrangement or schedule to Kalanggaman Island, call first Palompon’s Ecotours Office for reservation of pumpboat so you could inquire as to whether you can share a vessel to different travelers to save cash and for other special request such as scuba diving and other water activities so you could completely appreciate the island with no bother. You may call their Booking Service Desk Officer, Mr. Christopher Montebon at +639173037269.kalanggaman islandKayaking and water biking today is additionally quick turning into a well known water session of paddling bonanza in Kalanggaman Island, utilizing a kayak or waterbike for moving over the waters. From afar, the two white sandbars on both ends sparkle like pearls as the daylight touches the island. The turquoise water encompassing the island is inviting to the point that you will need to rapidly get off your boat  and dip into the sea to experience the paradise that Kalanggaman is.kalanggaman islandimage01kalanggaman islandAs i was sitting on the shoreline, noticing the salt air, and feeling the cool wind as The sun is gradually dissolving into the sea and the sky demonstrating its delightful shades that is a must see every nightfall i felt that it has been a long hot day in the sun, and it gives me joy to at last see and let the day end knowingly that i will see it again in its other form on its rise. It is doubtlessly justified regardless of the agonies just to wake up and see the shoreline. At the point when the delightful orange sun rises and reflects a huge number of tiny crystals off of the water to wake everybody, life couldn’t be better right?kalanggaman island Sun RiseSun Rise kalanggaman islandkalanggaman island


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