Aliwan Fiesta : Festival of Festivals

Aliwan 2014

In over of 7107 islands of the Philippines I could never let you know what number of Festivals or Fiestas in the country is continuously commended every year. Each township, city, municipality, including regions have their own Festival that frequently serves to meet and satisfy particular purposes, either a profound or religious Festival, food, history, mode of living, thanksgiving for an ample harvest, or to pay tribute to their champions and place. Here in the Philippines a gathering or party is known as Fiesta,  a fabulous festival that is especially noteworthy to nearby communities where everybody is welcomed and invited.

Aliwan 2014

There are just two festival celebrations that frequently pops in my mind when addressed “what celebration do I like most in the Philippines.?” my reaction is dependably Sinulog and Aliwan, both merriments are my most loved and will never be rejected in my trip plans. Sinulog Festival is one of the most astounding celebration in the nation. But how about we give Aliwan festival a superior impression of why it is standard or somehow much the same to Sinulogs humble vainglory.?

Philippine Festivals


Aliwan celebration is a yearly occasion that assembles distinctive social and folkloric celebrations of the Philippines. Each of the nation’s 17 regions can send up to three of their best Festivals, everyone is given an open door to showcase their area’s history, society and beliefs. Aliwan Fiesta, celebrated since 2003 dependably accompanies an amaze, each celebration met people’s high expectations of diverting nearby and foreign vacationers.

Philipine Festivals

Basically Aliwan Fiesta is one of the most remarkable celebration in the nation held in Pasay City, Manila, it is some way or another acknowledged the front line of Festival champions from distinctive districts of the nation with diverse dreams . Festivals contend and perform in a one tremendous day and one center stage on who will rise triumphant as the “Best Festival” in the nation.

Philippine Festivals


Aliwan (11)

In this year’s rivalry the Hall of Famer Lumad Basakanon of Cebu’s Sinulog  Festival returned successful and got the title as the best festival of the country taking over a five-year rest after three progressive wins at Aliwan in 2006-2008. Meanwhile Meguyaya Festival of Upi positioned second while Maguindanao T’nalak Festival of South Cotabato ranked third place.

Aliwan (12)

Aliwan (13)

One way or another participants experienced an enormous number of challenges, from the arrangement of their tableau, outfits, music, up to the precise subtle element of their presentation. Every year, Festival tribes get more creative, inventive and genuine.  It just demonstrates that Filipino culture and society is still commended and that the Filipino individuals unite together as one country.

Aliwan (14)


6 thoughts on “Aliwan Fiesta : Festival of Festivals

  1. One festival I recommend people to experience is the Kaamulan festival of Bukidnon. It’s a festival that celebrates the tribes of Bukidnon. I don’t think it’s that well known but what makes it a nice experience is that you get to see the real natives of Bukidnon in action. It can get a bit “brutal” though (natives beheading live chickens with their teeth) but it’s their culture and it’s definitely not something you’d see everyday!

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