Pintados Kasadyaan

Buyogan Festival

Fiestas are the best time to visit Towns and Cities in the Philippines as they present you with the perfect opportunity to truly experience and understand the Filipino culture up close.  The twin Festival Pintados and Kasadyaan  is one of the most eagerly anticipated occasions each year. This is the grandest, biggest and most significant event of Leyte every 3rd week of June.

Iingganay Festival

During this time, the streets of Tacloban come alive with the sounds of Festival music, the highlights of “karakay” and the smells wafting from the countless night stalls set-up in various neighborhoods all over the City of Tacloban.



Festivals from all over leyte perform in a one spectacular day to show off  stories about their Culture and heritage, performers had to address multitude difficulties, from the preparation of their tableau, costumes, music, up to the very detail of their presentation. Each and every Festival rose to the challenge of beating their past performances, Festival tribes delivered excellent and convincing presentations this year (2013).

Pintados Festival


The crowed Favorite Buyogan Festival emerged as Champion for this years Kasadyaan Festival of festivals Followed by 1st runner-up Lingganay festival of alang-alang and my favorite Viajedores Festival of La Paz, Leyte 2nd runner-up.  This year’s competition was a blast with different festival tribes becoming more innovative, creative and serious about winning, you’ll never see mediocrity in thier performances, Wonderful!.




4 thoughts on “Pintados Kasadyaan

  1. You are so lucky to have witnessed this display of Filipino culture…The world must see more of this to understand us, as a people, as a nation, as an artist, and as a dreamer!!!

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