The Wet and Wild Side of Ulot River, Paranas

Similar to many Summer mornings, i was woken by chirps, tweets, and other simple bird sounds that are sweet and clear. I was so ready at that day, that two days before the adventure i was already prepared. it excites me so much for the reason that it is my first time to take a Torpedo Boat Ride at Ulot River, Paranas, Samar.   Torpedo Paranas

Riding a Torpedo boat is a thrilling adventure and a sure adrenalin booster. Lots of splash and tearing along at high speed that will keep you squealing with excitement and fun as we jump on the waves. Speed and laughter are the keywords.To get to the end site where everybody can swim and jump through the coursing river, everyone needs to take a 1 hour ride by longboat which they call the Torpedo Boat.

Torpedo, Parans

These refined, beautifully carved canoes are made from hollowed tree trunks. Using longboats are the only and the easiest way to get to the end site of the river safely, unless you take the long path walking through thick and deep forest which is dangerous and not advisable to trekkers and tourists.


A bend in the river would reveal gorgeous vistas like trees that reach a hundred feet into the air, adorned with creepers and vines, flocks of birds overhead, mini falls and rock formations.



Paranas Torpedo

A boat can handle seven people, including the two local guides. The package costs P1,800 which includes entrance fee, boat rental, tour guiding fee and safety gears rental.


Overall, this appears to be a simple place , but from my personal experience it made my wandering soul exceed the ordinary thrill and fun. This is one place I would personally recommend to families and friends who love outdoor adventures.



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