Trekking at Usmad River, Argao

Usmad River

Experience a mixture of water challenges, sightseeing, swimming, and rock balancing along the shady beautiful river of Usmad, Argao, Cebu  a two hour bus drive  from the South Bus Terminal and when you get there look for motorcycle (habal-habal) or tricycle to transport yo to the river.  I suggest an early morning trip so you can enjoy  the place and take a picturesque view of balay sa agta cave and Bugasok Falls at the end of the river and don’t forget to look for civilians near the river they can be your guide (we paid them P500 for helping and  guiding us).

Umad River

My original trip that day was to scout alone for rice fields in Carcar, Cebu to shoot for our short film but it all changed  when me and my friends had a conversation about beautiful places to visit in the southern part of Cebu.

 I went there with my “energetic cute” friends who also loves to travel and take ourselves to a place we’ve never been before— it was rainy and the rocks were slippery but “the show must go on, its now or never” and some of us decided to trek barefoot all throughout the journey.

Usmad River

Usmad River


   The trek will require some leg power, patience and perseverance. The wild landscapes and rough river of Usmad is worth visiting not to mention that you’ll also see a cave and a water fall which we have not seen since its a bit dark and late already.   We wandered around the place for like 2 hours and enjoyed the cool river– the view of the trees and rocks were very lovely

usmad river


Usmad river



Usmad River

Before getting there be sure to bring MONEY(very important) snacks, beverages, flashlight, extra shirt and slippers.

Make sure your mobile phones and cameras are fully charged

Usmad river

 It was fun and memorable, for sure you’ll enjoy your trip here specially for travelers who loves trekking.

This is my first time river trekking with friends and i want to do it again in different places, Next time i’ts Mt. Everest  haha “joke”. (so people!! please invite me!!!!! i’d be happy to join you)


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