2012 Year-End Post

As we wait for the year to end and welcome another year–it is the perfect time to sit back and reflect memories of our ‘good old days’ of 2012 and bring those memories back to life.

Busy, Happy and Loved ; few words to describe”my 2012 experience.

There were big surprises that made my 2012 complete which i never thought it would come, It was a hectic and fun year, though there were mistakes and bad things that happened to me, — still i don’t regret of experiencing them for i believe that mistakes are sometimes the best memories we could have. We learn from it and try to make things better. I’m happy that with this years life challenges I was able to face and fight for it.

 Lets revisit my top 3 Favorite posts of 2012

aliwan festival

#3 :  Aliwan Fiesta 2012 Winners 

 –   This post is all about Festivals. it was held in manila and in one day you’ll be able to witness different lively and colorful festivals all over the country perform in one place and one stage.

Sinapdan Island

#2 : Sinapdan Island :More Than The Usual Island 2nd post … Sinapdan Island 1st post…

 – It was just a simple post of how i felt the calm place of the island, we went there with a family friend,– after a month the owner of the island have seen the post and liked my review, he contacted and invited me and in return and thanks,– me and my friends went there free from cottages and other “Big” expenses (which i can’t afford to pay by myself).


#1 ; It’s More Fun in the Philippines

– This is not just about the new tagline alone but also the importance of being a Filipino that everybody must know.

My Top 5 Favorite Photographs,




pintados 8

sinulog festival queen

2012 Year-End

Finally it is always important to remember the people who have made you more than what your are now.

 — Yiftach Vaknin of Torismo Filipino (Travel Agency) – who helped me gain more exposure.  You’re a good person. it was great working with you sir, Thank You — My Readers and followers— Miss N of Nortehanon  your charity works inspired me to do the same too  — AsiaPix Ms. Aira and “the Company” (^_^) Hope to work with you guys again. Thankyou.

My Super Supportive Mom and Dad, who are always dear to me Thank you. ^_^


 And Finally before i end 2012 — Espejo Magazine Features the blogger by the name “Mr.Kabyahe”

 I’ll continue to help and inspire people, I’ll work extra harder for 2013, and share  it again with you.

 I wish you guys all the best  ^_^


Life goes by in a flash,  you have to set a prime example, gain some exposure and be a person of depth, flare up your passions and burst out of the norm, capture raw emotions and never lose focus, be the cream of the crop because everyone can, and live a life that’s worth living for. 

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year


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