Philippine stamps

In the time where high technology communication is not yet available, people around the world used letters to exchange communication.

A stamp, a small piece of paper that is purchased and displayed on an item of mail as evidence of payment usually at the top right corner of the mail.

Typically, stamps are made from special paper with a price on the lower side of the stamp.

This stamp collection was originally owned by my grand father and passed it on to my father.

 I believe this stamps exited for 60 years or more, and probably a rare one.

I’m so lucky to have this stamp collection and continue what my father and grandfather have done and probably pass it on to my my family member in the future.

Here are some of the collection:

Prices of stamps today in the Philippines ranges from ” 6 – 40+ pesos ” before in  it was just a “penny” “Cents”

Currently there are 210+ stamps and i’ll add more for my generation, soon i’ll post my modern Philippines stamp collection

4 thoughts on “Philippine stamps

  1. I like your stamp post because it’s real, personal, and simple. It’s an understated thing. It’s good to pass things down in families. The stamps may represent other things your family has passed down through generations such as values and beliefs that have held everyone together.

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