Sinapdan Island :More Than The Usual Island

  Experience the excitement and fun filled activities packed with action and great memories at Sinapdan Island : Picnic Grounds Beach Resort!

Many people have heard about this Island where time has stood still and wondered what it really is like.  well, Stop the wondering  and plan a vacation of  your dreams at Sinapdan island.  The island offers a great numbers of attractions to tourists. You could easily spend days in this island, full of fun filled activities: Jetski, Banana Boat, Fishing, Coral diving, Sun rise/Set viewing and many more!

Sinapdan is one of the islets near San Juanico bridge. It’s about a 10 minute pump-boat  ride from the port of Tacloban City, Leyte. As soon as you arrive you will instantly feel at home, surrounded by the sea and mountains. The atmosphere is very calm and fresh

Taking splash shots is one of those must-do things whenever in beaches, It’s fun, and it’s a lot more innovative and dynamic than jump shots or putting someone on the palm of your hand.

We were extremely lucky to even see a Sailfin Water Lizard, or locally knows as ibid  one of the endemic species in the Philippines , plus a friendly monkey.

of-course don’t forget to have a 10 Pesos boat ride for an Island tour and diving experince.

Whenever there is a magical place, I might get there, discover it and recreate the experience!

  Be one of thousands of happy visitors to the Island. An experience you dare not exclude in your lifetime!


For inquiries and reservation visit        or E-mail

More photos soon


25 thoughts on “Sinapdan Island :More Than The Usual Island

  1. Love these.This is only one I’ve been compelled to comment on. They are almost iconically simple and timeless shots of paradise. You really capture almost an early 1960s innocence or vibe in these images and the post processing. Great stuff.

  2. Wow!!!.. awesome photos again from King Robi Jiz… you really captured the essence and the feeling of how it is to be in Sinapdan..:)

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