First time, First Prize : Sinulog 2012

New contingents emerged as winners for this year Sinulog Festival

Tribu Lingganay of Alang-alang, Leyte, Representing Lingganay Festival joined for the first time and Out of 26  Free Interpretation Contingents Linganay festival was hailed as 2012 Sinulog Festival Champion in Free Interpretation Category. Tribu Lingganay of alang alng leyte representing linganay festival defeated Tribu Himag-ulaw of Placer, Masbate, who was about to win its grand-slam(they have been winning  for the past two years) but unfortunately Tribu Himag-ulaw failed.

Tribu Himag-ulaw presented a “safari” “animalistic” concept from peackocks, tigers, lions and even the baby of king-Kong was a part of their performance while Linganay festival the champion this year presented a very innovative and lively performance. one of my favorite contingent is Karatong festival, they landed 3rd place this year.

   Culturang Placereño of placer masbate defeated Tribu Sinanduloy of Tangub City, hailed as champion for nine consecutive years and their “regime” “record” has ended.

Every year, the competition gets tighter and tougher,Tribu Linganay and Culturang Placereño had strive for higher standards and “beaten the defending champion.”

(More Photos soon)

6 thoughts on “First time, First Prize : Sinulog 2012

  1. I’ve always heard about Sinulog but never had the drive to go and watch. I guess this year’s festival is so much publicized- or is it the social networks? Your pictures are awesome and colorful- full of life. Makes me curious about the festival. Kudos to your blog!

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