Ready for Sinulog?

I’m all set for this years Sinulog Festival

Its almost 12 in the morning and i’m still getting ready for this big event, Finally i got my canon sponsored  shirt and ID for a free pass to all routs of the street dance competition and entrance to the Abellana Sport Complex where in each contingent  will be showing their final performance

Sinulog 2011 ( last year) was rainy day and unfortunately i have no raincoat what i have was a single scarf which i used as a hood for sunscreen it was useless since there was no sun ( yes everything was black haha “kidding” ) and i was wet the whole day and was not able to concentrate.

Now with all the lessons i have learned  last year, I bought my own raincoat and A camera raincoat , hoody-scarf and  Sun-Glasses in preparation for the unpredictable weather , for re-hydration i bought 2 Gatorade drinks and 2  bottled water.

I hope everything goes well,

Plans Set, And I’m Ready to take this festival On! Viva Pit Snr.!!! SINULOG 2012


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