I’ts More Fun in The Philippines

In the industry of tourism the world seems like a market, And the Philippines is equivalent to a “marketable product” that is shouting to be more known in other countries, But how can the Philippines be “packed” or “Branded”.

In the length of waiting for a good line or slogan for Philippines the Department of Tourism launched a new brand campaign to attract visitors to the country with the line –  ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines.’

This new line or slogan is not bombarded with scenes of the Philippines alone but also the culture of the country

But like any other products, countries overseas will not like Philippines if the Filipinos itself hates its own country and race.

for me for everything to be effective and “perfect” “we Filipinos must love our own and help each other to create a better country” It must start within ourselves, and share it to other people all over the world.

For more about Philippines you can visit the following :




3 thoughts on “I’ts More Fun in The Philippines

  1. I really like your country and I look forward to see it myself. You take awesome pictures and obviously you are doing a great job promoting your country! I don’t think I have heard anyone say anything bad about Philippines, I think it has a good reputation on the world to be a beautiful, safe and interesting country and culture to see. I personally like the mixed history part. All the ex-patriate philippinians I know are very hard-working too spreading the word about your paradise country. 🙂

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