Philippine Festivals

Philippines is celebrating different festivals all year round, each festival has its own creative style and culture, each has its own beat and vision.

One of the most popular festival in the country is Sinulog festival it showcases dances and artistry from street dancing, float competition and Festival Queen pageant represented by each contingent that will participate for the “free-Interpretation” and “Sinulog Based” competition,  The festival commemorates the Cebuano people’s pagan origin, and their acceptance of Roman Catholicism. Sinulog festival the grandest festival in Asia and the mother of all Philippine Festivals will never fail you and will always make your heart beat like drums with excitement and fun.

You can only see grandiose Festivals only and only in the Philippines, I bet NO tourist would regret attending and witness such wonderful Festivals IN THE PHILIPPINES.

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4 thoughts on “Philippine Festivals

  1. hi… this is dino from 7stones inc… we are interested in some of your photos and would like to purchase some…. how do we go about doing this? also attached here is a list of festivals that we also need photos of, so if you have others stored, pls. send us watermarked copies that we can choose from…

    Tuloy ang sigla Festival
    Talong Festival
    feast of san sebastian
    Silmugi Festival
    Ube Festival
    Dinagyang Festival
    Altavas sto. Nino Festival
    Longaniza Festival
    Ibajay ati-ati
    Panubason Festival
    Bulantihan Festival

    here’s my mail

    thanks… also, pls, send us how we go about purchasing your photos tnx! pls, reply asap! happy holidays! God Bless

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