Certified Paradise, Bohol

BOHOL: Certified Paradise.

Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines, and lies in the middle of  Visayas.

Loboc River -Floating (moving) restaurant 

Bohol, one the countries best traveling destination and Known for its world renowned Chocolate hills and the worlds smallest monkey Tarsier , but if your looking for more!, Bohol can show you more than your usual vacation.

 Compared to other travel destinations here in the Philippines, you can do a lot of things in one place in Bohol because Attraction sites are not far from each other; from Bee and Tarsier farms (and other wildlife form), Python watch, Whale and Dolphin watching, Diving, souvenir shops, man made forest, long hanging bridges, under water and underground caves,Moving-Floating restaurants, Powdered white sand beaches and a lot more, what makes it interesting is that the places are not far from each other.

I enjoyed having a short vacation in Bohol and for sure i will return to this wonderful paradise

Try Having your Vacation in Bohol and experience the more than the usual vacation.

I’ve been there and its FUN!! being  there….

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