Different Views of Merlion in Singapore

 With my very ambitious dreams in traveling the The whole Phillipines i never thought that i will be able to travel and bring Kabyahe outside the country.  Lets take a break from traveling Phillipines, and see more than a usual places like Singapore.

Merlion in Merlion Park,  a well-known tourist icon of Singapore.

Merlion ~ kabyahe.wordpress.com ~ robi Randolph jiz

For sure it worth a visit, it’ll not be only the statue but you’ll have some nice views of the city.


 This half-lion, half-fish hybrid has settled upon the shores of the Singapore River that was built in 1972 is Singapore’s most famous landmark. As a key figure in Singapore’s tourist industry, the Merlion is still worthy of praise.

kabyahe robi randolph jiz

The Spirit of this place is still alive a very warm heart will hug you to enjoyment and fun.

robi randolphjiz

In front of  Merlion you will also be able to see Marina Bay Sands one of the greatest and ambitious hotel and resort. ( i’ll tell you more about Marina bay Sands on my next post) ^_^

One thing is for sure you’ll enjoy seeing this wondrous master piece  in Singapore, a more than a usual statue that will never disappoint you once you’ve seen this master piece only in Singapore



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