Sinulog 2011 Route

If you love taking usual things further? Take a tour around the streets of Cebu, because when the first time i did that, I learned a lot of things I wouldn’t have learned , Bargains are everywhere from top Sinulog shirts, native accessories from Cebu, Cebu’s Best’s like Shamrock Otaps, Dried Mangoes, Lechon Cebu, Guitars etc.. along the side streets of metro Cebu which only Cebu can produce the best of this things, and I tell you now you will never see a real bargain unless you shop here at CEBU.

The picture below will be the route for the Sinulog 2010 Grand parade, you should remember to take note of this map. You can even print it so you won’t forget.

One thing is for sure, You will enjoy a lot once you have seen Sinulog and take home some souvenirs from Cebu.. Take a big Scream and say this out loud… “Pit-Senyor!”

(Click For Bigger Picture)

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