Dear Earth

Dear Earth,

We are all happy that you’ve given us wonderful gifts of nature,

We thank you for your kindness and love

We thank you for the air we breath, the water we drink and the land we live

Your life is incomparable that no planet can ever be like you

Your the only one and its only you

But we know you’re  not quite well

From what people have done to make you unwell

Sorry we abused you.

But don’t worry i’ll take care of you

And i will tell others  to do the same too,

Soon, there’ll be lots of trees again

Flowers will bloom with sweet fragrance ahead

Water will be clear, rivers will be cleaned and air will be fresh

Animals will be spared from extinction

And Humans will live from your humming brand new breeze

This will take time,

I hope you can wait ,

It isn’t too late, right??

Lets fight for our home land…. lets protect and save our mother nature

For the people who will live now and in the future….

Original pictures (photography) : RobiJiz


3 thoughts on “Dear Earth

    • I hope this letter can help people realize that we must help save our mother earth….

      We can make a change….

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