The view’s of aliwan fiesta 2010 winners

The view’s of aliwan fiesta 2010 winners

I was really exited to witness once more the Aliwan fiesta 2010,.  I traveled all the way from Tacloban city to manila by plane . I arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport early in the morning, I was still tired and inactive at that time because I wasn’t able to sleep well before that day because of exitement.

Ms. Pakalog festival

Later on, I have witnessed different colorful festivals all over the country, there were 16  festivals and 12 floats and more or less 17  for reyna ng aliwan 2010 who participated,

Ms. Cebu~ Sinulog Festival

Talking about ladies, beautiful ladies from different festivals have joined to get the crown of aliwan 2010 but only one can be hailed Reyna ng aliwan 2010….. And it is Ms. Sinulog ~ Rizzini Gomes

I was mesmerized by the beauty of the Ms. pakalog and dinagyang…

Going on, I was really happy to see pasaka of tanauan leyte especially that they improved a lot, their performance was better than to what they performed in leyte pintados 2009

Paraw reggata

Lapay bantigue

I really like the Lapay Bantigue, Masbate City and Halamang Dilaw, Marilao Bulacan..

And of course the Tribu paghidaet, Dinagyang Festival,, for me it was their best performance ever performed in aliwan…. i really love dinagyang…

=) =) =) =) =)

To the winners “Mabuhay” and Congratulations!!!!


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