65th Leyte Landing Photo Competition.

I joined the 65th leyte landing photo competition 2009 for experience and self learning, and simply enjoy,… this is my first time to join a photo competition, I may not be good in photography but I did my very best and i’m happy for it,  even though i did not win…..,there’s still next year!, and another years will come,. i still have a lot years to learn and explore my photography and capturing,  ” this is an art and a skill and this, will remain in my heart.” GOD has plans, and i know that every thing in life has a challenge.

This are the pictures i submitted “Uniquely Leyte”

The Famous “I Shall Return”

Mac Arthur Park

MacArthur Park serves as a memoir of General Douglas Macarthur’s First Arrival in Leyte On October 20 1944 together with his men.

“Imelda’s Hometown House”

Sto. Nino Shrine

Sto. Niňo Shrine, the Marcoses’ mansion, reminds the people that Tacloiban occupied a special place on their hearts.

The Picturesque San Juanico Bridge.

San Juanico Bridge

San Juanico Bridge, the picturesque landmark that is truly ours, shows a magnificent panorama of the sun’s setting in the west. Located between the island of samara and Leyte

Viva Sr. Sto. Niňo!!

Abuyog’s Buyogan Festival lead dancer

Abuyog’s Buyogan Festival lead dancer shouts praises to the Sr. Sto. Niňo.

Buyogan’s lead  dancer shouts praises to the Sr. Sto. Niňo.



“Binagol” and “Moron” proves to be Leyteňos’ specialty which entices every tourist’s meticulous taste.


Leyte pintados

Performers during the Leyte Pintados Kasadyaan Festival show off their extraordinary talents in honor of Sr. Sto Niňo that makes our province beyond compare.

Original pictures captured by me: Robi Randolph,


5 thoughts on “65th Leyte Landing Photo Competition.

  1. age doesn’t matter unless you’re a cheese:D
    twas also my first time and i did not expect to be included with the top 30 at the exhibit. i also thought i was young to join at 18 pero i saw a 12 yr old kid yta with his cam like so i guess it’s in the skills:D
    better luck next year for us though.

  2. It’s okay if you did not win… the important thing is you did your best. It’s in these experiences that we learn – good and bad alike. Don’t be discouraged, okay? you have a talent! Seriously, you have really good photos in your blog. keep it up!

    And oh… before I forget. I’m Ate princess…

    I put you in my resource list in my website. I just love your site. i hope you don’t mind… ^^

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