leyte pintados 2009 winners will be Known!!

Tomorrow is the street dancing competition of  Pintados kasadyaan festival of festivals 2009, the grand winner will receive a half a million pesos.wwwkabyahewordpresscom-62

Initially there are 13 to 15 contingents expected to join this year’s streetdancing and festival presentation while […]two famed festivals in the country are expected to join as well as guest contingents.

These two are the buyogan festival of abuyog leyte and Lumad basakanon from cebu of sinulof festival.

Buyogan Festival has already been elevated to the Hall of Fame for successively winning three major festivals namely: the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival 2008, Sinulog Festival 2009 and the Aliwan Fiesta 2009. This is to give chance to other contingents in the region…

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