aliwan 2009 Paraw regatta ( 16/25)

A guest entry this year is the Paraw Regatta.  At the annual boat race among native outriggers separating the island of Panay from Guimaras, townsfolk recreate the design of the paraw or sailboat that supposedly carried the first Bornean settlers to Panay.  Remember the legend of the Maragtas?   10 datus supposedly fled the dictatorial rule of Sultan Makatu¬naw and settled in  Panay after bargaining with the Aeta leader Marikudo.   For centuries, the paraw has become an essential part of the Ilonggo way of life, and the Iloilo Strait becomes a sea of colors whenever they hold the Paraw Regatta.    Their float depicts a typical regatta festival scene, with the colorful sails representing the Ilonggo lifestyle.  Historically artistic, Ilonggos use sail-painting as a form of expression to entice the youth.  They also showcase famed Ilonggo maritime skills renowned the world over.


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