aliwan 2009 Mimodoman kalilangan festival (21/25)

The B’laans inhabit the southern part of Sarangani in South Cotabato and General Santos City.   The natives celebrate with a Kalilang, using unique traditions that have withstood time. In this showcase, the B’laan portray the Almugan bird’s cry as a good omen for the   planting and harvest seasons.  They depict the men’s  bamboo pakupak, in rhythmic synergy with the women’s sloong and bukag.  Offerings called Butne are given to the Adwata for help against pestilence.   At harvest time, the natives gather for the Mimodoman in thanksgiving.     The Gen San float depicts a B’laan wedding and uses t’nalak décor and the traditional S’long Kinibang hat among others.  Musicians are carrying indigenous instruments like the two-stringed lute. The whole presentation focusses on B’laan merrymaking called Mimo-Kaflahaw    Festival muse – Charise Hannah Ingente


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