aliwan 2009 lambayok festival (9/25)

LAMBAYOK FESTIVAL (San Juan, Batangas)
This annual event showcases the three major industries of the municipality – lambanog, palayok-making,  along with the growing resort sector.  Their festival promotes creativity, ingenuity, and hard work.  The core theme of their presentation revolves round the lambanog, often called the poor man’s drink because of the abundance of coconut and the relatively cheap distillation process it goes through.  Tribu Mangangarit will depict the popular ‘tagayan’ – a tradition of simplicity handed down from one generation to the next.  Their float, aptly called lambanugan, was crafted from various materials from the coconut tree, and shows how and where lambanog is processed.   Mangangarit are workers who climb the trees in the afternoon to prune the flowers and gather the sap in bamboo receptacles.  In the morning, it is fermented to produce “tuba,” which when distilled becomes lambanog.   From a mere cottage industry, lambanog is gaining recognition and is now packaged in different flavors like mango, blueberry, buble gum, and cinnamon among many others.  Festival muse – Nerissa Dimaculangan.

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