aliwan 2009 Lakbayaw Festival Tondo Metro Manila (1/25)

Participating Festivals for Aliwan 2009 

LAKBAYAW FESTIVAL (Tondo, Metro Manila)

sto. nino
Fiesta time in Tondo, Manila is anchored on the devotion to the Santo Nino. Streetdancers emulating the Ati-Atihan style are called Lakbayaw dancers, from the words Lakbay and Sayaw. The image of the Santo Nino is carried throughout the parade, from the streets to the pagoda on the bay, where a fluvial procession is held. Tribu Lacson wil interpret the devotees’ special intentions as they offer up prayere under the theme – ‘hilingin mo at isayaw sa Sto Nino”. Festival muse – April Pineda.

One thought on “aliwan 2009 Lakbayaw Festival Tondo Metro Manila (1/25)

  1. is this a new festival for tondo? isn’t this a copied concept of the festivals in kalibo, aklan and iloilo? i am just wondering because they have the same concept (although they have the same patron and festival type) and it seems that it just debuted this year. i have nothing against the celebration but is there a historical fact in this festival specific in tondo or is it just to bring the celebration originally from the visayas to this part of the region?

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