aliwan 2009 kasadyahan festival (14/25)

The first part of Dinagyang is called Kasadyahan, and happens on the Saturday of the fiesta.  It has a more varied theme, usually portraying  colorful rituals or slices of local history.   Carrying its colors will be Tribu Kasag of Banate, Iloilo was formed after the town took on the ‘One Town, One Product” campaign to popularise the blue crab as a local delicacy.  Called ”kasag” in Ilonggo,  it is the core of the celebratory dance which depicts the lively movements of the crab amid the Banatenhon way  of life and implements such as the bancas, bodol, and panggal.  The three levels of their float symbolize the Banate folk’s wish to excel in economic, cultural, and artistic development.  Naturally, a giant crab is the focal point of the float, and their décor utilizes artful appliqués of shells and various body parts of the kasag, combined with fishing nets, bamboo poles, and even giant jelly fish!  The use of blue and orange come from the crab’s colors before and after it is cooked.  Festival muse – Marie June Bebing.

One thought on “aliwan 2009 kasadyahan festival (14/25)

  1. Indeed. Kasag Tribe is the best.. Congratz for winning 2nd in Aliwan 2009. Hope next year you will bring home the bacon bcoz you r u so good. Excellent performance! Congtratz also to mayor Insik, Mr. Rommel Flogen ( choreographer) and to all the production staff.

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