aliwan 2009 Kalintad Festival (23/25)

KALILINTAD FESTIVAL (Mamasapano, Maguindanao)
Rido, or retaliation, is a practice among Bangsa Moro tribes in many parts of Maguindanao as a manifestation of family honor against verbal or physical abuse.  In the town of Mamasapano, this form of assault was seen in a marital arrangement where a boy insisted on courting a girl who was already engaged to another.   The ensuing violence escalated over the years, affecting an entire community that lived in constant fear.  After some time, a local leader related to both warring clans brought them together to swear on the sacred Q’uran that the quarrel would finally end.  This reconciliation gave birth to the Kalilintad festival.    Their float depicts the venue where the Sapa sa Q’uran is held.  It is decorated lavishly in traditional Maguindanaoan décor such as pasandalan, baguiontay, and obol-obol.  Both parties swearing on the Holy Book hold a copy of the Quran in their hands, after which they partake of the food on the dulang trays.

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