Aliwan 2009 Ibon-Ebon festival

IBON-EBON FESTIVAL (Candaba, Pampanga)

This is held on the first weekend of February in Candaba, to show wildlife protection in a sustainable environment.   The townsfolk began  celebrating the peak season of migratory birds, with the opening of the Candaba Swamp Wildlife Reserve as a new tourist destination.   Candaba also happens to be a top producer of duck eggs which are usually made into balut, itlog na maalat, and a gourmet specialty called burong ebon.   The festival itself features bird-watching tours and an agro-trade fair, with side activities like boat-racing, kite-flying, duck races, an itik-cooking contest, and the search for the best-dressed itik.  Their  float is laden with bird-like objects representing both Candaba’s environmental concern and agricultural productivity – striking the balance of people’s needs and sustainability.  Kite-makers, parol-makers, and other Kapampangan artisans designed the float, which also shows a representation of their patron saint – San Nicolas de Tolentino.  Festival muse – Stephanie Rae Paras.

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