aliwan 2009 Buyogan Festival (18/25)


The Buyogan festival which emerged champion in both the Pintados-Kasadyaan and Sinulog festivals this year.  The dance ritual brings to life the story of two children who disturbed beehives while playing in the forest.  One was stung badly and got very sick.  His parents implored the Sto Nino to heal the boy.   In thanksgiving, the townsfolk then promised to respect all forms of life.


2 thoughts on “aliwan 2009 Buyogan Festival (18/25)

  1. BUYOGAN FESTIVAL deserves to be the champ in this years ALIWAN FIESTA..because their story line,costume,props and etc. are all connected to their dance routine..CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. ta im bayot kaman bhelai npakamahusay pagud…. hahahhahahhahahahhahhhh………… taga bohol dapat an nag win han aliwna this year…… chaka u nga joy……. toink….

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