aliwan 2009 Buklod Festival (22/25)

BUKLOD FESTIVAL (Parang, Maguindanao)
Parang, Maguindanao’s version of the Kalilang – or traditional festivity – is characterized by exotic and colorful Islamic décor, sumptuous food, captivating music, and lots of merrymaking.  Being an integral part of the lives of Muslim Filipinos,  the Kalilang is also at the core of any reason to rejoice – be it marriage, baptism, rites of passage, or even remembering the dead.  Their Buklod kalilang is presented in different stages.  It opens with a welcome dance called Silong sa Landing, followed by the all-male Kapandala and the female-led Lalansay.  Tribes crossing the river to attend a Kalilang are also portrayed in the Kadindang sa Tamlang.  The presence o royalty is symbolized by the Payong a Sinilatan.  The entrance of the Samolayan – the highest form of Islamic décor – signals the finale.  Their float depicts how royal festivities were usually held on the mouth of the Masla Pulangi or Rio Grande de Maguindanao on board the Guinakit Ta Laya, — a colorful grand banca lavishly decorated with royal banners,  pamanay, pasandalan, obol-obol, and baguiontay – making it a real sight to behold.

One thought on “aliwan 2009 Buklod Festival (22/25)

  1. helow parang>>>
    pwede ask if wat scol ang ang represent sa parang for aliwan?
    dapat kasi PADANG-PADANG FESTIVAL ang dinala nila coz may
    pangalan na yon sa aliwan EH!!! And kilala na ng mga fanatic and
    masuyod na tagasubaybay ng aliwan… yan 2lot hindi kau nakapasuk
    kahit man lang sa consolation.

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