Sangyaw festival 2008 “the best”

The Sangyaw Festival which is held in the balyuan ( amphitheater ) was full of enjoyment especially the first timer ever tribu kabatok that represents the sangyaw festival bring home the grand prize and their first runner up is tribu Lumad Basakanon of Cebu city which  was the grand champion in aliwan 2008 may 1-3

The marikina delegation was quite good showing their cultural presentation. landed in the 3rd place

Im just wandering WHERE IS THE BIG SHOES.!!!!

The Cebu City’s sinulog festival – Lumad basakanon just landed in the 2nd place, their performance in the aliwan 2008 is still the same to what they perfome in sangyaw festival.. no changes of costume ,music , routine , and steps… they just keep on repiting their step.

Best in costume  : sinulog.A lose and shame to the lumad’s. landing in the 2nd place.

A first timer and new arising tribe- THE TRIBU KABATOK – representing the sangyaw festival of tacloban city bringing home a half a million pesos.

BEST IN MUSIC -tribu kabatok


Their presentation was extreamly super good, they had a fast speed movement, extreamly good quality of music good choreography and synchronization , their routine and steps was very unique that nobody has seen before. very original

congratulation’s to the winners

and it all ended with the fireworks display

2 thoughts on “Sangyaw festival 2008 “the best”

  1. i dont care f lumad basakanon 2nd lang
    basta ako solid sa lumad!!!!
    go! lumad basakanon of Basak san nicolas

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