Pintados kasadyaan festival 2008

This year’s kasadyaan festival is more amazingly than last year, many contingents over Leyte joined, almost 19 participants did participate , compared to the last year kasadyaan festival, only 5 contingents have joined.


The tribu alikarw are claiming the stolen grand slam but alikaraw festival of hilongos leyte failed , they landed only in the 3rd place (2nd-runner-up)


they did it very well, the performance is really amazing the the speed of the dance steps are fast compared to abuyug and dulag ; combining their sinulog and aliwan performance gives us audience the great impact

“..only that there is no clarity of their story ..”

the karatong festival of dulag leyte landed in 2nd place ( 1st runner up) the the dance steps are similar to iloilo’s dinagyang festival the tribu ilongganon.. they really impress me the way they used the bulb lights colorful bulb lights attached to their props



While the Buyugan festival of abuyog emerged again its victory bringing home a half a million pesos winning two years in a row. the dance steps costume and music are still the same the the audience impact really is screaming for the buyugans the Jolly baby bee’s dance well


“… The Buyugans has No effort of changing their dance steps…”

…The pintados kasadyaan end well with the fireworks display …


One thought on “Pintados kasadyaan festival 2008

  1. doncha worry alikaraw…
    u guys are the crowds favorate and always be the winner..

    well lets just say that
    “home town decision” rules in waray areas…
    shame on them!

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