Pagsangyaw Festival of Tacloban 2008

According to the news a new festival was arranged by the city government, the Pagsangyaw Festival to be celebrated during the fiesta..

Guys a new festival will be rocking the streets of Tacloban, the Pagsangyaw festival!


Mayor, Hermano Mayor egg on an early date for Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival
TACLOBAN CITY – With barely two months to go for the 119th Fiesta celebration in honor of Sr. Sto. Niño on June 30, the church and the local government units of the City and Leyte province are in much ado with their preparations, each having its own set of activities that intend to perk up the fiesta. The desire is so intense that both of them wanted to have their dates to make their events happen to the extent of both getting into a tussle over the day for the cultural festivals.
This concern is a steaming issue these days but is hoped to be resolved in due time following a dinner meeting of the Sto. Niño Parish Pastoral Council and the 119th Fiesta Committee co-chaired by Rev. Msgr. Benjamin Bacierra and Mrs. Annie Cynthia Corpin of the Family of God’s Little Children (this year’s Hermano Mayor) on April 9 at City Hall hosted by Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez.
In attendance were representatives of the Leyte provincial government such as Toto Cinco and Provincial Tourism Officer Nilda Baguna. On the part of the city, the mayor was joined by wife Councilor Cristina nee Gonzales. Also present were assistant priests of Sto. Niño Parish, namely Rev. Fr. Edralin Malate, Rev. Fr. Erby Davy Lajara, Rev. Fr. Amadeo Alvero and Rev. Fr. Elrico Fabiolas.
When given the time to shed light on the preparations being made by the City government with respect to the cultural presentations, Mayor Romualdez announced with enthusiasm the coordination that he and his wife have been doing with various LGUs in the country which are much willing to send contingents to the Pagsangyaw Festival, a grand parade being organized by the City Government, the Pintados Foundation and this year’s Hermano Mayor and slated on June 29, a date which has been customarily set for the holding of the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival.
He said that around 21 LGUs, thru their respective chief executives, have signified interest in participating in the Pagsangyaw Festival. All of them vowed to spend their own resources for the transportation to and from Tacloban and the food during their stay in the City for the festival, according to Romualdez. He added that the contingents, however, are requesting for free accommodation and schools will be good enough for them.
The city government is expecting about 500 to 700 participants who will have to come from different parts of the country. The mayor is eyeing at the University of the Philippine-Visayas Tacloban College, Eastern Visayas State University and Leyte Normal University campuses as among the billeting areas.
Romualdez stressed how he wanted Tacloban City to succeed and be in the map of tourist destinations in the country. For him, organizing the June 29 grand parade is one opportunity to achieve this objective. It will likewise boost the economy of the city. Further, the prizes will reach about a million pesos.
He also informed that this will also be the date when the city government will launch the Tacloban City Tribal Dance Troupe which will eventually be the official contingent of the city government in various festivals to be held across the country.
To ensure the smooth flow of the festival, Romualdez warned that he will not issue any permit for any other event to be held on June 29. “There will be no two organizers on that day. The presidentiables and the senators will be here. I will be answerable to our guests when something goes wrong,” he cautioned. He likewise said that he will not allow the conduct of any gay or bikini contest.
Romualdez likewise highlighted how the Pagsangyaw Festival could be helpful to the Pintados Foundation. “I was told that the Pintados has been burdened with looking for funds for the festival. Ever since the Kasadyaan Festival came, they (Pintados Foundation) lost half of the sponsorship,” he said adding that the province can even come up with a contingent to the Pagsangyaw Festival in this way, the budget is concentrated as well as the resources.
Cinco, known as one of the organizers of the Kasadyaan Festival, declared as a rejoinder that the Kasadyaan Festival has been a tradition for 13 years now conducted yearly on the 29th of June. He announced that there will be about 15 contingents joining their festival.
Baguna, who seconded the manifestation made by Cinco, said that they will have to present this development to former congresswoman Remedios Petilla, the key organizer of the Kasadyaan Festival. She could not commit any decisive stance on the matter as she was in the meeting only upon instruction of the Kasadyaan Festival organizers.
In the face of this impasse, Corpin who serves as the spokesperson for the hermano mayor suggested on behalf of the Fiesta Celebration Executive Committee that since there will be no other activity to be held at daytime of June 28, the Kasadyaan Festival could be held on this day. Activities slated at night are the Balikbayan Night and a big reunion of all alumni of the defunct Divine Word University. She admitted that the FGLC asked the cooperation of the city government in contacting contingents for the Pagsangyaw Festival.
This suggestion, although kindly accepted by the representatives from the provincial government, will have to relay to former Rep. Petilla, now vice-president of the Philippine Games and Amusement Corporation and Chairman of the Board of IBC-13, and to the Kasadyaan Festival organizers for final decision.
Romualdez, who turned emotional during the exchange of views, said that should the Execom opt, he will bring the case to the Taclobanons and let them decide on whether or not they want the Pagsangyaw to push through. He said it will just be easy for him to call back all the mayors who called him and signified their intent to participate in the festival and tell them “it will not push through and forget all about it.”
In the meantime, during the meeting the Fiesta Execom and Special Committees have gone over the list of religious activities.
From April 1 to June 19, the pilgrim image of the Sto. Niño goes around institutions, government offices and schools and barangays within the parish and in Bagacay and Abucay. On June 16, a replica of the Sto. Niño will be brought to the Chapel of Barangay Buscada (Basey, Samar) in preparation for the Balyuan Rite on June 20 in coordination with the City Tourism Office and the municipal government of Basey.
On June 21, there will be free baptism for infant-parishioners and confirmation for parishioners (children and marriageable only) on June 23. On June 26, mass wedding for amancebados in coordination with the City Registrar and barangay officials who will issue the applicants’ certificate of cohabitation for at 5 years. The novena masses will proceed as customarily celebrated, that is at 5:15 in the morning (Recada) and 5:30 in the afternoon (Cantada).
Vesper’s Mass will be held around 5:30 in the afternoon of June 29 and the Fiesta Concelebrated Mass in the morning of June 30 which will be in the Waray dialect as opted by the hermano mayor thru Fr. Bart Pastor. After the High Mass on the feast day, fluvial and land processions will follow in the afternoon. Fireworks is proposed to be shown on June 29 through the care of the Kasadyaan and the Hermano Mayor and on June 30 through the care solely of the Hermano Mayor both at the City Engineer’s Office for safety reason.
The general theme for the 119th fiesta celebration is “A Celebration of the blessings of the past, a hopeful journey towards a renewed Church.”

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  1. thanks for this article. mayor alfred and his wife were at the gensan city hall yesterday to visit mayor acharon. they later joined him for dinner that night.

    will feature them one of these days at my blog, Bariles REpublic.

    Blog on!

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